Dr. Rameshwar Bali
Associate Professor
Center of Advanced Study in Geology
Lucknow University
Dr. Rameshwar Bali received his Ph.D. in Structural Geology in 1988 from the Lucknow
University. He has published Six papers in International and 14 papers in National
Journals He has been Principal Investigator of DST sponsored three major projects on
Landslide investigation in Himalayas. Dr. Bali is also Co- Principal Investigator of two DST
sponsored projects. One on GANGOTRI GLACIER and the other dealing with the
Structural and Neotectonic evolution of Northeast Himalaya.
Presently Principal investigator of a major DST sponsored project on PINDARI GLACIER .

His current research interests includes:

1. Impact of Climate change on Himalayan Glaciers and Chronology of Glaciation in

2. Morphotectonic and Neotectonic evolution of Himalayan region.
Contact Information:

+91- 0522-2740015 (O)
+91- 0522- 2789046 (R)
+91- 9415111803 (M)
Dr. Rameshwar Bali