Springer Publishes Book Edited by Dr. Dhruv Sen Singh

Springer has published a book ‘The Indian Rivers’. Dr. Dhruv Sen Singh is the Editor of this book. The book has 37 chapters and gives a vivid account of geomorphological and socio-economic aspect of major rivers of India.

Congratulations Dr. Dhruv Sen Singh for your editorial contributions towards this book that would be useful and informative to a wider segment of society.

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Happy New Year 2018!

Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2018!

LUGDAA Greetings

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Alumni Meet – 2017 — A fun and successful event!

Dear Alumni,

Thanks to HOD and LUGDAA Secretary, Prof. Rameshwar Bali along with other BOT members for hosting Alumni Meet – 2017. Many thanks to all alumni who participated with special thanks to those who traveled to attend this event. We appreciate your time and effort to make this event a success.

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Prof. V.C. Tewari Delivers Key Note Address in the 20th Convention of Indian Geological Congress

Prof. Vinod Tewari shares a paper he presented as Key Note Address in the 20th Convention of the Indian Geological Congress held in Nagpur on Nov 3 – 5, 2017.

The paper gives an overview of the earliest microfossils on Earth and associated iron mineralization and its comparison with the Martian iron occurrence.

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Dr. Vinay Kumar Pandey Awarded by EET CRS

With great pleasure we inform you that EET CRS has awarded Dr. Vinay Kumar Pandey for 5th Academic Achievement award -2017 under Special Achievement award- Honorable Mention Certificate and Certificate of Excellence on Sept 10, 2017 at Mumbai.

EET CRS is India’s largest Research and Branding Company. The company hosts number of awards to recognize best talent and companies working across India.
Congratulations Dr. Pandey on your heightened success and recognition!

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Welcome new Head of the Department – Prof. Rameshwar Bali

Welcome to Professor Rameshwar Bali, new Head of Department of Geology, Lucknow University, who took up his new role in the last week of September. Prof. Bali is alumni of 1983 batch. Geology Department is known nationally and internationally for its excellence in teaching and research.

We welcome you on behalf of faculty, staff, students and alumni and wish you every success as you lead the department with the achievement of excellence.

We also thank Prof. Vibhuti Rai for his service as Head of Department for past three years. During his tenure department made significant advances. There was a growth in the faculty staff numbers and increase in the academic graduate, post graduate and research students. Prof. Rai also promoted LUGDAA activities for the benefit of current students.

Prof. Bali is also Secretary of LUGDAA and we hope to see continued growth and activities of LUGDAA under his leadership as HOD.

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Happy Teacher’s Day!

Paying our regards to all teachers current and past for their valuable contributions to our life! We owe our achievements to them.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

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Prof. V.C. Tewari Delivers Key Note Address at University of Zambia, Africa

International Conference on Geology, Mining and Groundwater Resources of the Sub – Saharan Africa : Opportunities and Challenges ahead

11- 13 July, 2017, Livingstone, Zambia, Africa

Professor V.C.Tewari , Professor of Geology in Sikkim  Central University  was  invited to deliver Key Note Address in the Planery Session on 12th July, 2017  in the International Conference on Geology, Mining and Groundwater Resources of the Sub – Saharan Africa : Opportunities and Challenges ahead organised by the School of Mines , University of Zambia (Lusaka ) ,  Africa from 11- 13 July, 2017 in  Livingstone, Zambia, Africa. The conference was inaugurated by the President of Zambia His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The conference was attended by about 400 geoscientists from Africa and other four continents belonging to 24 countiers. Two hundred research  papers were presented on different aspects of African and Global Geology and Africa’s mineral wealth.The topic of Key Note Address of Professor Tewari was Gondwanaland Paleogeography , Tectonics and Development of Neotethys Perigondwana : An Overview. Professor Tewari’s key note addressed the important aspects of the breakup of Rodinia Supercontinent, Snow Ball Earth, amalgamation of Gondwana Supercontinent, its Paleogeography, global Permian glaciation, opening of Neotethys,Deccan volcanism and its impact on  mass extinction, India – Asia collision and the evolution of Himalaya in the light of recent research.The well illustrated  presentation was highly appreciated by the audience. Post conference field excursion was also organised to show the Zambian Proterozoic  geology and  the famous Copper deposits in western Zambia.Pan African granites ( Zambesi belt ) were also shown during the field excursion which crosses almost the entire African continent. The Jurassic Basalt exposure at  world heritage site  (Victoria Fall , Zambesi River) dividing the Zambia and Zimbabwe was of great interest and enjoyed by the participants from different countries.

Fig. 1.Participants of the International Conference in Livingstone, Zambia, Africa

Fig 2. Victoria Falls above the Jurassic  basalt in Livingstone, Zambia

Fig. 3. Participants of the field excursion at Victoria Falls showing the Jurassic basalt in the background

Fig. 4. Proterozoic bedded and folded Calcsilicate rocks of the Zambia, Africa

Fig. 5.  Visit to famous Copper Belt Mine at Chingola  (Nachanga ) Mine area, Zambia. A polished slab of the copper ore is displayed.

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Prof Dhruv Sen A Champion of Environment Protection

On June 5th, 2017 on the occasion of the World Environment Day, Prof. Dhruv Sen Singh delivered series of lectures to bring awareness and to encourage protection of the environment.

He delivered lecture in Indira Gandhi Pratishthan. He spoke after the Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath.

He then delivered his 2nd lecture at RCUES (Regional Centre for Urban & Environmental Studies).

Prof. Singh was also invited to deliver a lecture by RBI (Reserve Bank of India). They further honored him by planting 2 trees in his name at Sundarbans National Park.

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Mr. Ravi Sharma Launches a Cutting Edge Program in PG Diploma in LU

We are very pleased to share this great news with you. Mr. Ravi Sharma [1989 batch], an owner and Managing Director of BMRC (Bedrock Mineral Resource Consulting), a Dubai based company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Institute of Georesources and Climate Studies (IGCS), ONGC Center of Advanced Studies, Lucknow University. The program will launch PG Diploma in Exploration, Resource and Mining Technology.

BMRC will take responsibility of preparing course material, providing faculty, setting up of labs, bearing expense towards hardware, software and training of students abroad.  This program will provide cutting-edge technology with practical applications to students. Ten students will be selected on merit basis.

Prof. Dhruv Sen Singh of Geology Department is Director of IGCS and facilitated the MOU with BMRC and Prof. P.C. Mishra, Financial Officer of LU and Prof. S.P. Singh, Vice Chancellor of LU.Details of this program was covered in various local newspapers and is posted below.

Way to go Ravi! Hats off to you!

Ravi Sharma can be reached at ravi@bmrc-emirates.com

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